From the CEOs

Olayinka Odumakinde

CEO / President, Nigeria Operations

David Bryan

CEO / President DFW, USA Operations

Impressions are aesthetic aura of the environment. It permeates the mind and creates a freshness that soothes the well being of the individual thereby engendering optimum performance. This can only be attained through meticulous process of cleanliness and high level maintenance.

At StarGate Impressions Limited, we offer you World Class and total Facility Management Services which will help you achieve your dream environment, be it home, office, worship centers, estate management, hotels, medical facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, halls and other public and private facilities.

Our result oriented formula emphasizes the detailed cleaning, in and out of your building and transforming it into beautiful edifices. This we achieve by deploying the use of modern equipment and specially formulated non bio degradable and eco friendly chemical which are available at our offices. These chemicals can also be purchased at our offices.

We make you feel the impact and satisfaction of the money you have invested in your building with our post construction clean up services. With clinical precision we remove paint stains, evacuate materials and put back life into your building site; we simply transform it to a pleasant building.

Quality is our priority as we are focused on satisfying the various NEEDS of our clients. We promise to deliver above your expectations through the use of various latest innovative technologies we have at our disposal and made possible by the international exposure and synergy with our foreign partner, D.G. Bryan LLC in the United States.

Welcome into the world of Impression Professionals ….. where perception becomes reality.

David Bryan

CEO / President DFW, USA Operations